Spray Cans & Touch Up Paint

Spray Can Paint Supplies for Body Shops, DIYers, Hobbyists & Small Jobs

At KOP Auto Body Supplies, we offer high quality spray can paint supplies for small and large jobs. Whether it's for body shops or the average joe that wants to fix a few scuffs or scratches on their car. Our experts will work with you to ensure you get the quantity you need.

We have spray can primers, colors and clear available for small jobs or DIYers. We can make any paint color, whether it's OEM or custom, and put it in a spray can to make the application faster and easier for those who don't have access to professional equipment.

Types of Spray Can Supplies We Offer:

  • Single Stage Spray Can (any OEM or custom color, combines color & clear)
  • Paint Spray Can (any OEM or custom color)
  • Primer Spray Can
  • Spray Can Clear

Touch Up Paint

If you need smaller quantities, KOP Auto Body Supplies offers touch up paint that includes bottle with a brush to make it easy to apply! Similar to the spray can offerings, we are able to mix any paint color (OEM or custom) so you can be confident that you get the right color for your job.