Custom Paints

We match any color of OEM paint

Come to the store where pros can mix and match any paint color from OEM to custom paint. We have shelves filled with color chips to match any OEM or custom color. We carry all major brands of high-quality paint and even the supplies you need to complete the job with ease.  

Not sure how much you need? We have experts here to help determine how much you need for your specific job. We can sell mixes as small as 6 ounces all the way up to gallons.

Professional paint equipment not available? We can add any mix into a spray can for smaller jobs so you can make sure you get the perfect color.  

All your needed supplies for painting

  • Sandpaper (Wet & Dry)
  • Primers
  • Tack cloths
  • Surface prep
  • Masking tape
  • Car covers
  • Paint guns and holders
  • Spray masks and respirators
  • Paint gun suits
  • Mixing cups
  • OEM & custom paints
  • Clear coats
  • Hardeners
  • And more!!

Brands We Carry

  • 3M 
  • Pro-Spray
  • Transtar
  • SEM
  • Presta
  • Sata
  • Xtreme
  • Sunmight
  • Evercoat
  • High Tech
  • U-POL
  • And more!!